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Retirees: How to Live in 2 Countries

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After many years of hard work, immigrants and expatriates getting ready to retire may find that they need to plan carefully to make it work. The ideal situation for many people may be to spend part of the year in their home country and the remainder of the time in a new nation. This offers the best of both worlds and bridges the gap between two beloved countries.

Seniors who would benefit from varying types of assistance may find that North Shore Area Partners can help. Older immigrants who use in-home support and other services will be able to focus more on realizing their retirement goals and making plans to spend time wherever they choose.

Planning Your Time

If you are thinking about varying retirement locations and determining where to spend your time, it may benefit you to look into a retirement visa. Having the freedom to travel and see the world after years of working is a dream for many, and with a retirement visa, it could be well within reach. Many countries, like India, are friendly to retired immigrants who spend part of the year in one location and then go back home for the remainder of the year.

Worrying about healthcare could make retirees’ time abroad stressful. Expatriate insurance is a great way to cover medical bills and access affordable care regardless of location. To ensure one is staying healthy, routine checkups are an important part of preventative care. Consider getting a physical annually and maintain your wellness with regular exercise and a health-conscious diet. Another important factor for traveling retirees is access to retirement funds and making them last as long as possible.

Supporting Family from Afar

Often, immigrants are committed to sharing resources with family back home. Fortunately, you can securely and affordably transfer money to your loved ones through a transfer service like Remitly. For instance, if you have family in India, express service options allow you to send money in as little as four hours without additional fees if you’re sending more than $1,000.

Other ways to offer support to loved ones back home include sending goods and services from online vendors. Often there is a reduced fee for bulk purchases, and in some cases, shipping is included. Retirees can also stay in touch with loved ones, regardless of their location in the world at any given time. Video chat options like Slack or Signal make staying in touch easy and fun.

Making Retirement Funds Last

Immigrants who have worked hard and saved for retirement should not have to worry about having enough to live on. Retirees who have invested in retirement programs, either through work or independently, can find ways to make their money last through cost-saving measures and creating a spending plan that is commensurate with one’s funds. Retiring a bit later than the age of 62 can also be a helpful way to ensure that one's money lasts.

Retirees who plan to travel between countries may also find that they can access reduced-cost airfare. Being available to fly at varying hours and times of the year means that seniors can access better rates. Websites dedicated to reasonable flight costs for seniors can help retirees find the right flight at the right time.

Retiring expats and immigrants have a lot of adventures ahead, and planning in advance can help make those adventures even more possible. You or a retiring loved one could benefit from the diverse services of North Shore Area Partners. Learn more.

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