Our New Location

Since our founding, we've been working out of the Mary MacDonald school building which serves as the Lake County Service Center. It provided a great space for our small team, but as our organization grew, so did the need for a larger space.


Our dreams came true in March of 2020 as we gratefully received the donation of the former Wells Fargo bank building in Silver Bay. We immediately began thinking of the amazing aging services and senior support that we could provide in this spacious location at the center of town. 

Fast forward to November, the smell of fresh paint and carpeting permeated the halls and our excitement bloomed as we could finally move into the new space. However, a week after moving in, smoke damage from a nearby office fire hampered our progress, but we will persevere! 

Future Plans

While our team is working almost entirely remotely due to the smoke damage, we continue to plan what's next for the building after the clean-up is finished.


Through a survey sent to North Shore residents via the local newspaper, we received 53 responses ranking items according to their importance to these individuals. A social senior center ranked highest, and we plan to spend this winter planning how we can best use our space to accommodate as many of these activities as possible. 

The image shown here is one version of what the social senior center could look like. A space for older adults to gather, share stories over coffee, play pool together, enjoy a movie, play the piano and meet with friends to play a game of cards or engaging board game. The possibilities are endless!