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Driving Retirement and Memory Loss Program

older adult female on phone looking over paperwork

University of Minnesota School of Public Health is starting a new study designed to provide care partners and people with memory loss with support in dealing with driving and driving cessation. 

What:  We are evaluating “CarFreeMe,” an 8 session educational program that takes place on a weekly basis. CarFreeMe has been developed to assist individuals with memory loss and their families consider driving retirement. This program includes web video conferencing and/or phone based conversations with a trained facilitator. Sessions include you and your family member and each session lasts about an hour.  

For Whom: Individuals with memory concerns, who are considering retiring from driving or have retired from driving, and a supportive family care member.

When: There will be a series of weekly sessions with a trained study facilitator. There are a total of 8 sessions. The study lasts 3 months total. 

What: We will ask participants to complete baseline, 1-month, and 3-month surveys.  We will also ask participants to conduct a brief interview after 3 months to determine how useful the CarFreeMe program was to them. 

Where: This is a phone or web-based video conferencing based program

Why: Individuals with memory concerns, who would like to learn more about adjusting to driving retirement, and their supportive family members likely would benefit from education on dementia, local transportation resources, and strategies for transitioning to driving retirement. 

Incentives: Each participant will be paid $25 after completion of each survey and post-intervention interview for a total of $100. 


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