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Cost Sharing

North Shore Area Partners is pleased to provide services whether you contribute or not

  • What is important is that you receive the services you need.

  • We trust that you value these services, and will contribute as you are able, when you are able.

  • We use a sliding-scale fee with a goal of ensuring all elders receive the care they need regardless of their income level. 

Why we ask you to share in the cost of services

  • North Shore Area Partners’ services are funded partially by grants, and these grants require that we ask clients to share in the cost of providing you this service.

  • The demand on public resources is increasing, and your support helps ensure that our organization is able to continue providing these services to our community.

  • Your contribution helps cover the staff, supplies, insurance and other overhead costs associated with providing these services to all who have a need.


Cost Share Recommendations

  • Our suggested cost share is determined from sliding fee scales based on your reported monthly income relative to poverty level.

  • Based on your income, we have determined a suggested amount for you to pay towards the time and mileage costs of staff and volunteers. This is a guideline only. It is up to you to decide how much you are able to contribute towards this service. No one will ever be refused a ride for not paying.

  • These are guidelines only. It is up to each client to determine what makes sense in their own situation. In cases of hardship, the cost can be waived entirely.

  • We will work with you to ensure you receive affordable quality care that meets your needs.

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